The quality of life plan

sweet sixteen neighborhood

Transportation & Infrastructure

Transportation and infrastructure systems are the “bones” of a neighborhood, supporting access to property, movement of people and goods, access to clean water and sanitation, and a means of engaging in recreation and fitness.


In any neighborhood, the residents are the greatest asset.  There is need for investing in these neighborhoods to provide safe, decent, affordable housing for our residents.

Health & Safety​

The ZIP code where a person lives is the greatest determinant of their health outcomes. Addressing safety and health conditions in the 46016 is a way to improve social and economic well-being.

Business Development​

There are several goals that are in motion right now. One of which is to improve communication about business activity and plans to help residents connect with the information that is available to the community.

Education & Job Training​

As we look towards the future, there is a need for more education and job training. Want to live a better life with more knowledge? There’s not better time than now to get started on improving your career.

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