Parntership with United Way

THRIVE Network

The Anderson Impact Center (AIC) is a proud member of the Madison County THRIVE Network.  The THRIVE Network is a partnership led by United Way that provides personalized coaching, resources and supports for individuals and families.  AIC currently employs an Employment Coach and Income Support Coach.  PathStone Corporation employs a financial coach that is also located at AIC.  Coaching opportunities can include but are not limited to the following areas:

Income SupportsMaking connections to: Food and Clothing, Transportation, Childcare Assistance, Rent/Utility Assitance, Healthcare.

Employment– Education, Workforce Training, Job & Vocational Coaching, Interviewing, Resume Building, Other Employment Services.

Financial– Financial Education, Reducing Debt, Budgeting, Credit Repair, Home Ownership, Savings Programs.


Madison County THRIVE is not a new initiative or program. It is an evolution in our approach to supporting hard-working, lower income families in their own efforts to achieve what every family wants and needs to THRIVE:
  • Good jobs with good wages
  • Financial stability
  • Success for their children
The THRIVE Network is open to individuals, age 18 and older who are ready to commit to short and long-term goals.  For more information on how to enroll, stop by the AIC office or call to schedule an appointment.  
It’s time to do more than survive.  It’s time to THRIVE.