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Community Fact Sheet

Our Community

The Anderson Impact Center Education and Training Initiative will service the residents within the city of Anderson Corporate boundaries:  areas bounded by Park Road to the West; Broadway to the East; 29th Street to the South and 1st Street to the North.  Within these areas there is a justified need for services to low and moderate income people who are disadvantaged within our racially diverse community.

According to the Robert Woods Johnson 2012 County Health Rankings, Madison County ranked 85 out of 92 counties for Social and Economic Factors. The factors included high school graduation, some college, unemployment, children in poverty, inadequate social support children in single parent households and violent crime rate.

Our target population has been defined by the 2010 Census data as the lowest area in education, home ownership, and employment.  Over 17% of Anderson’s population is living under the poverty level due to lack of education, employment and healthy living conditions. Our target area comprises almost 80% of this sub-poverty population.  With this in mind, due to the current education and economic status of the defined target area, AIC programs have been developed to provide opportunities for individuals to improve their overall economic condition and quality of life through education and job training and job placement in efforts to reduce education, homeownership and employment disparities within the community.

For example, as a result of the high school diploma education opportunities provided through the Excel Center, the Excel Center will be hosting their first Anderson graduation in the Spring 2013 where approximately 15 students will receive their high school diploma.  With this opportunity, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these individuals who have obtained a high school diploma now have the potential to earn up to $187.00 per week more than an individual without a high school diploma.


Donations to the AIC are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law


AIC Programs promote education, career development, and health and wellness.


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