Training, Education, and Leadership in the Anderson community

about us

Our Mission...

is to impact and transform one of Anderson’s most diverse and disadvantaged community areas. Through education, job readiness and small business development, we are empowering our fellow community members to create a healthier, happier future for themselves and their neighbors.

Who We Are

The Anderson Impact Center, Inc. (AIC) is an established, not-for-profit organization designed to partner with a variety of local agencies and institutions.  The AIC provides a “one stop” service center for residents of one of Anderson’s most economically disadvantaged, racially diverse community areas. AIC’s core operations form four pillars of the organization:




Job Training and


Small Business



The AIC is in the process of building a world-class Training, Education, and Leadership Center in the Anderson community. We are acquiring state-of-the-art equipment to provide service in an environment of compassion and respect, while remaining dedicated to the  highest standards of life-long education and community development. Our programs and services will continue to grow with the structure of the three organizational pillars, bringing continued revitalization to a depressed area and empowering our community neighbors to succeed and give back.

Our Beginnings

Native Andersonians Reverend (Dr.) James Streeter and Reverend Earlie Dixon collectively recognized a desperate need for readily-available education and personal development services in their community. Out of their shared desire to address these needs and better the standard of living throughout the area, the idea for the Anderson Impact Center was born. Although both are now retired, their vision still plays a role in changing the face of the community they grew up in and helping the city they love.

Our Goals

The Anderson Impact Center is dedicated to improving the quality of the person by promoting empowerment combined with offering ancillary resources that will provide opportunities and guidance to AIC participants. With this in mind, the entire community of Anderson, along with AIC’s geographic focus, enhances the program’s potential to achieve maximum behavioral and attitudinal impact among residents in the targeted community area.  In addition, low income individuals, high school dropouts and persons that were previously incarcerated, all benefit from specific programs and services offered at the AIC. Click here to learn more about the makeup of our target community.

We work with other community organizations, groups, and individuals to inspire or initiate the limitless profusion of good things that can happen when people work together.  In our view, such programs and activities are essential to re-building a strong sense of community that will give Anderson the opportunity to thrive once again with healthy stability and prosperous growth.


Sherry Peak-Davis

Executive Director

Monique Flores

Assistant Director

Board Members

Primus J. Mootry, Chairman

  • John Bostic
  • Jean Crowe
  • Sam Dixon
  • Tommy Fedrick
  • Jan Mansfield
  • Mildred Powell
  • Robert Sparks
  • Beth Tharp
  • James Willey
  • Rudy Williams
  • Jessica Woodall